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Katı Gübre Dağıtma Römorku / Manure Spreaders Gearbox / Stalldungstreuer Getriebe

From 1973 to today


With total quality understanding and endurance, Di-San is the preferred brand in Gear and Gearbox by the world’s leading agricultural machinery manufacturers.

Zahnrad getriebe / gear gearbox

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Since 1973, the Di-San qualities that have always been followed in the industry have proven to the world.

Thanks to the Gear, Bearing, Casting and Steel that we use during production, our gearboxes are working without any problems in all kinds of field conditions for many years.

Di-San Gear

The Power of Turkey

We are proud of being the Power of Turkey as a Di-San Gear family.

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We produce innovative solutions that will facilitate human life in machines used in agricultural application fields

Testing Center

Our products are subject to examination in our Test Center taking into consideration all kinds of nature and field conditions scenarios

R & D Center

All requests of equipment manufacturers are evaluated by our R & D Center and passed to production stage.

Environmental Responsibility

As Di-San Gear, we provide contribution to social environmental awareness through our waste oil recycling service and our renewable energy investments.

Sustainable Growth

We are able to grow with stable and solid steps with our strong capital, expert business power, machine park capacity and production quality.


It is our company’s most important principle to maintain this positive momentum that we have preserved both in product quality and in labor quality for many years.